UX 4Sight
Designed and developed UX 4Sight's new marketing website.
UX 4Sight has been an amazing partner! So when they needed a new site to expand upon their already impressive client list I was happy to help.
Abdul wanted to strike the perfect balance between a friendly/modern site and something that was established/strategic. We accomplished this through a balance of powerful imagery, modern typography and intuitive navigation/filtering. On the development side of things we set up a beautiful back-end where his team would only have to add a client once and their information would get appropriately pulled across multiple pages like the home page, work page and case study pages. Work and services can also be filtered making it easy for the visitor to find the exact information they want as quickly as possible.
Style Tiles
Visual Designs
Custom WordPress Theme
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Matt has the discipline to seamlessly integrate into an agency team environment. From his cross-functional knowledge of UX/UI/Web-Dev, to his timely and clear communication skills, Matt makes for a valuable team player.
Chief Experience Officer, UX 4Sight