Influitive Investor Contest
To generate referrals we created a seamless contest platform for Influitive.
Partnering with Influitive's marketing team we created a super fast and fun way for their investors to generate referrals for their SaaS product.
Using WordPress as a back-end API and Angular as our front-end framework we created an incredibly smooth experience for busy investors to participate in Influitive's referral contest. We leveraged Google's Gmail API to allow for 1 click referrals and Influitive's API to pass leads directly on to their sales team. We also built in a magic link function that would automatically login the investor for 30 days to avoid any credential issues.
WordPress Development
Angular Development
Marketing Strategy
Matt is our go to freelance developer. His partnership is invaluable as we constantly launch creative and exciting marketing campaigns. Matt just gets it and has been a great asset to all of our work. If you're looking for someone who can understand both business and web development Matt's your guy!
Director of Marketing, Influitive